A Wet Run

This weekend’s training was one that I will not forget. Well, if you are in the Palm Beach area, you probably know that we had a couple thunderstorms over the weekend. If you don’t know, then I envy you because that means you were fast asleep. I got up pretty early, got in my car and started heading to the training. “I’ll just show my face”, or so I thought. There were lightning, thunder, not to mention the heavy down pour of rain. I got the spot where we run and saw that quite a few people showed up too and all the coaches, off course. One of coaches informed us, “the storm was heading north and as soon as it clears up we would start the run.” “Thank you all for showing up on this Labor Day weekend!”

After about 30 minutes it seemed to have cleared up so we began running. It wasn’t more than 3 minutes into the run when the loudest thunder broke through the sky. We all ran back to the start and found shelter against a building. “It would be cancelled for sure”, I thought. Inwardly I applauded. We laid low for about 5 minutes and were directed to reset our watches. We began running again and then came the rain. It was like the rain knew. Can you believe this time they didn’t say head for cover? We ran through the rain and, to make matters more difficult, a bridge was included in the training. I am so thankful for my teammates because if I was alone I am sure I would not have trained that day. I kept asking under my breath, “are we really doing this?” We were all drenched.

By the end of the run, the rain turned out to be a blessing. Although my sneakers were wet and my toes felt like they were drowning in water, I was not as hot and exhausted as last time. Yes… it felt gross; but I was still grateful.

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